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Estate Planning and Elder Abuse Mediation

All families should consider planning for the futures of their elders,
their children, and their spouses. When family members disagree on how to best divide assets, or plan for their parent’s affairs, the conflict can lead to deep-seated animosity.

Our team works with family members both individually and collectively to design plans that preemptively consider the needs of the parties’ interests. We provide clients with the means to create legally-binding and enforceable agreements, while always maintaining neutrality as neutral facilitators who do not provide any legal advice or advisement.

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Estate Planning and Elder Abuse Issues include:

Mediating who should have Financial Power of Attorney?

Mediating who should be on the Advanced HealthCare Directive?

Negotiating the terms of the Will and Trust Instruments

Negotiating Burial Plot Costs

Negotiating who should be the Conservator of an Estate

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Lerner Conflict Resolution Center