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Orange County Divorce Mediation & Family Law Mediation

Privately Mediated Settlements in Divorce,
Family Law, Civil Claims & More

Lerner Conflict Resolution Center offers comprehensive mediation and restorative services in an environment that facilitates a peaceful and positive communication process. We serve Orange County cities such as Irvine, Tustin, Orange, Mission Viejo, as well as Los Angeles and San Diego counties.​
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Private Mediation in

Divorce, Family Law, Civil Claims & More​


Divorce Mediation

Problem solving for mutual benefit while keeping tempers and emotions out of the equation.

Property Division

Divide marital assets and debts and resolve contentious property division issues favorably.

Spousal Support & more

Open-minded negotiation between the divorcing spouses in an environment of respect & cooperation.

Custody and Support

Child Custody

Custody, visitation and parenting time do not have to become contentious issues, learn how with our help

Child Support

Strategic allocation of assets to achieve diversification and maximize long-term growth potential.

Other Mediation Services

Prenuptial Agreement

Protect the future interests of both sides if at some point the marriage comes to an end

Postnuptial Agreement

Already married and wanting to adjust to have an agreement to protect you and your spouse? Here is how

Modification of Orders

Reach an agreement with your ex-spouse to modify the necessary parts of your original divorce order.

How We Help With Divorce & Family Law Matters

We understand the stress, hassle, not to mention the legal expenses of complicated court processes, and we provide you with an alternative to traditional litigation in the form of conflict resolution services designed to resolve your disputes quickly and effectively. We are here to facilitate your negotiations and help you reach a legally-binding, out-of-court agreement that puts all parties at peace of mind. 

Our skilled team of private mediators brings years of experience across diverse areas of the law and conflict, and our office fosters a homely environment that makes you feel comfortable and helps instill the groundwork for progressive communication.


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