Benefits of Mediation Over Litigation

Conflict is an inevitable part of our social and professional lives. History shows that humans thrive when there is peace and harmony. This is why we have established a fully functioning legal system as the cornerstone of civilized society. In many instances, filing a lawsuit may seem like the instinctive choice to settle a protracted or acrimonious dispute. With that said, it’s often not the best or the most effective option for all involved parties. Our mediators at Lerner Dispute Resolution Center are happy to explain to you the reasons why mediation is a far superior option than litigation under most circumstances.


The US is easily in the top 5 list of the most litigious nations in the world. Over 40 million lawsuits are filed each year in our country. With massive backlogs, the court systems take anywhere from a few months to years to settle a case. With mediation, you can cut this down to mere days (and sometimes even hours). Even in the most complex legal disputes, the mediation process is designed to facilitate a faster and mutually acceptable resolution for all parties involved. If you want to avoid frequent disruptions to your life and work, and the stress that accompanies a protracted legal dispute with court appearances, mediation may be the right choice for you.



Each year, lawsuits cost an estimated $430 billion in the country. Hiring a lawyer and fighting a long or complicated legal case in the court can have a major impact on your finances, whether you are a business organization or an individual involved in a civil dispute. Hiring the services of a dedicated mediator may cost a fraction of what you might spend on hiring a lawyer. Besides, the quick turnaround times also ensure that you can settle a case with a much lower impact on your wallet/bank balance by choosing mediation over litigation.



Court cases are a matter of public record. Mediations, on other hand, can take place behind closed doors in an environment of privacy, involving confidentiality agreements between participants if necessary. Any information shared during the mediation process cannot be used against you directly in a future lawsuit. Our experts at Lerner Conflict Resolution Center follow all the statutory regulations on confidentiality during the entire mediation process.



A protracted lawsuit can inspire a lot of ill-will and negativity between parties. In most instances, it leads to irredeemable damage to relationships and business partnerships. In stark contrast, mediation enables parties to come to the negotiation table for mutual benefit. It encourages collaboration and cooperation, with both parties encouraged to make concessions. With no outright winners or losers, it is much easier to maintain and mend relationships through mediation.



Unlike the litigation process where rigid protocols must be followed in the courtroom, the mediation room is a more flexible environment where both parties have more freedom and control over their actions and words. During negotiations, this atmosphere allows you to focus more on the things that really matter and have more of an impact on the final outcome. The fundamental goal of mediation is to empower all parties to the dispute to explore common ground and resolve their issues on their own.



A settlement in mediation requires mutual agreement between the parties. This allows for a more positive and mutually acceptable result for all concerned than the winner/loser outcome in a trial – where the verdict is not in your control. Combined with faster results at lower cost, this means that parties tend to be happier coming out of mediation. Finally, it is not mandatory to reach an agreement during mediation. If you are not satisfied with the proposed solutions, you can always walk away from the mediation with no adverse impact on your case.

Quick and Affordable Settlement of Disputes through Mediation

At Lerner Conflict Resolution Center, our mediation attorneys rely on a wealth of experience drawn from numerous mediated disputes. We are committed to helping our clients achieve a beneficial settlement in the shortest possible time.
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