Child Support Mediation

For a couple going through a divorce, child support can become a highly contentious issue because finances are at stake. During a divorce, it is difficult for the co-parents to trust each other, which may hinder the efforts to arrive at a fair and mutually acceptable child support agreement. This is where non-adversarial child support mediation services can help parents resolve child support matters without bitterness and in a quick and affordable manner. Our mediators can help divorcing couples put their child’s best interests above their own, and agree to make valuable contributions to their child’s life in accordance with their individual abilities.

Why Do More Parents Choose Child Support Mediation with Us?

Many co-parents now increasingly recognize that leaving crucial family law decisions, such as child support, to the family court’s discretion may not always be the best idea. The court will take into account various factors and make the child support amount calculations according to the pre-determined state guidelines. The parent with the child’s physical custody as well as the paying co-parent is not likely to have much say in this process.

But when co-parents decide to pursue the alternative choice of child support mediation with help from experienced mediators, they can often come to an agreement that is more tailored to match with their family’s needs. Family law mediators will facilitate the process, and encourage both co-parents to arrive at a mutually agreeable child support amount that they can both comfortably live with.

They will help ensure that the mediation process is collaborative instead of adversarial, and the focus is maintained on the child’s best interests. While remaining compliant with the state guidelines, it is possible to minimize dissension and conflict between the co-parents in resolving child support issues rather than going the way of litigation.

In an informal and confidential setting, child support mediators in California can help parents keep their personal differences aside and focus on hard facts in the best interests of their child. Because the parents have more control of the decision, they are more likely to experience a sense of accomplishment and continue to stay committed to doing their best for their child’s upbringing.

Consult with Our Highly Rated Child Support Mediators in California

You don’t have to burn all bridges to the future through a litigious child support battle in the court. Our knowledgeable and dependable child support mediators in California can be your best guides in this time of need.

Child Support Mediation is Easier on Your Children

Divorce is always going to be hard on a child. To resolve critical issues such as child support, if you rely on litigation, it is only going to increase the bitterness and stress. More than you and the other co-parent, it’s your children who may suffer the maximum brunt of this conflict. 

With assistance from our dedicated child support mediation attorneys you can make the resolution swift, affordable and less stressful for you and your child. Our team will help you focus on the future rather than the past, and encourage you and the other parent to maintain a working relationship going forward for the sake of your child.