Online Mediation

Online mediations refer to the process of harnessing communication technologies like video conferencing to resolve disputes between two or more parties in a safe, convenient, and confidential virtual environment. At Lerner Conflict Resolution Center, we are equipped to provide online mediation or remote mediation services that are tailored according to your needs and preferences.

Why Choose Our Mediation Services for Your California Divorce?

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Holding physical meetings in mediation conference rooms became a challenge during the peak of the pandemic. Stemming from this, while the pandemic reduced physical human activity, it did not change the need for dispute resolution. Fortunately, the rapid pace of digitization gave rise to dependable communication technologies and platforms that make virtual dispute resolution easy and effective. Online mediation services have become increasingly sought-after because of the following benefits:
  • Ideal for physical safety, especially when you want to reduce the risk of exposure to infections.
  • Fast and convenient, with a wide array of remote communication platform choices.
  • Highly time effective and cost effective, as it cuts down on the need for travel.
  • Smooth and uninterrupted communication with complete security and privacy ensured with advanced technology.

Your Trusted Conflict Resolution Center

Lerner Conflict Resolution Center has helped families and communities resolve conflicts through mediation. Our practice areas include divorce and family law, estate disputes, elder care issues, and community disputes.

How it Works in 3 Steps

Appoint a Mediator

First, you have to reach an agreement with the opposing party regarding the hiring of a mediator. Once the mediator is appointed, you can move right away to the planning and execution stage.

Online Links

Instead of picking a physical venue, you will be provided the date and hour as well as a link to the platform/app. You may also choose to have test runs or a preliminary video call with the mediator and provide further insights about the dispute.

Video Conference

At the appointed date and hour, all you have to do is log into the platform using the credentials provided. You will start things off in an online waiting room. The mediator will provide a basic briefing to all parties and help start the discussions in a non-adversarial setting.