Property Division Mediation

Marital property in California is recognized as community property, which must be divided equally during a divorce. Moreover, when the stakes are high for both sides, property division can quickly get messy and lead to a heated dispute which prolongs the divorce process. At Lerner Conflict Resolution Center, we recommend mediation as an approach to divide marital assets and debts and resolve contentious property division issues favorably. Leaving your hard-earned assets at the discretion of the court in the litigation process may not be ideal because only you and your ex-spouse know which might be the best way to divide your possessions between the two of you. No wonder both sides often feel dissatisfied with the property division outcome when the decision is made by a judge through litigation.

How does Property Division Mediation Work?

Whether yours is a high net worth divorce or you have a moderate amount of marital property to be divided, in each case it is your life’s savings at stake. Dividing the marital home, business assets, real estate, cars, jewelry, retirement funds, life insurance, overseas accounts, and stocks and bonds can be a complex process.

Our knowledgeable mediators at Lerner Conflict Resolution Center in California can facilitate the process, make it completely transparent, and help both parties to reach a mutually acceptable property division. Our mediator will perform the role of a neutral third party facilitator, helping you and your ex communicate and engage objectively with a focus on finding a solution that is fair to both sides.

Our property division mediators will enable negotiations between you and your ex in a respectful and productive environment. If one of you wants to keep the marital home, we will help you see whether your finances allow you to afford to pay the other party’s share and continue to make the remaining mortgage payments after divorce.
We will help shift the intent of the negotiations from winning, losing or hurting the other side to getting what you really want and start rebuilding your life and future financial security. If you do not want to carry the fight for assets to the bitter end, mediation could work for you.

Our Divorce Mediators are Ready to Help You Find a Fair Resolution

Our mediators at Lerner Conflict Resolution Center will encourage you and your ex-spouse to overcome strong negativity, and focus on finding a practical solution to the alimony issue that fits the interests and real-world needs of both.

Why Choose Mediation Services for Property Division?

Working with a mediator will give you the following advantages:
  • They will encourage you and your ex to craft a property division plan tailored to your unique financial needs and preferences
  • You have a better chance to get the specific marital assets that you cherish more than the other side
  • The mental stress and negativity typically associated with property division through litigation will get minimized in mediation, and the chances of post-divorce conflict, controversy, or emotional scarring will diminish
  • You and your former spouse will be in control of the process​
  • Negotiations will take place in a relatively informal setting so you can freely speak your mind
  • Confidentiality in a mediation is preserved to a great extent, which means any sensitive information related to your personal or business assets does not become public