Why Choose Us

Settling disputes through litigation can be a prolonged and arduous process, leaving both parties emotionally and financially drained. Mediation as an alternative dispute settlement process offers a much better alternative because it is less time-consuming, cheaper, and a non- adversarial method of getting both parties to reach an agreeable middle ground. Pertaining to this, this is easier said than done because a lot depends on the proficiency and problem-solving skills of the mediator to bring both the disputing parties to a consensus. At Lerner Conflict Resolution Center, our experts handle your issues as delicately as possible, owing to the years of experience we bring to the table.

Our Mission

Our goal at Lerner Conflict Resolution Center is to provide our clients with industry-leading professional mediation services. Our committed mediators work to achieve successful outcomes outside of the court in the shortest possible time and lowest possible cost compared to traditional litigation.

We believe it is vital to collaborate with both parties as a neutral mediator to achieve a win-win outcome for all. We do this by maintaining clear communication channels with the disputing parties and undertaking proactive measures to etch out a clear path towards a successful resolution.

Our Values

At Lerner Conflict Resolution Center, our most important core value is that “we” trumps “me.” Our clients’ priorities supersede our personal interests. We treat our client issues as our own. Clients can expect our utmost attention, and we deal with them with complete fairness and respect. We hold ourselves responsible to our clients and coworkers.

We grow and learn from each mediation case and try to achieve more with less. We embrace creativity and encourage change. We work with a sense of passion, determination, innovation, and open-mindedness while providing mediation services. We strive for continuous learning and development of our employees. Our team is encouraged to foster a sense of positivity and familial bond. We try to convey humility through our actions.

At Lerner Conflict Resolution Center, we believe we are directly responsible to our clients and the community. Our mediators provide insight, ideas, options, prospects, solutions, suggestions, education, enthusiasm, and proper feedback to our clients to help them attain clarity and solve disputes with an open mind.

Our Promise

Our promise to our clients is that we will constantly address their needs and provide quality mediation services that go above and beyond their expectations for the best price. At Lerner Conflict Resolution Center, we prioritize relationships with our clients and aim to match their interests with our own.

We promise to be as clear and lucid as possible throughout the mediation process, and inform and educate our clients at every step. All this is done in conformance to the client’s objectives and goals, within a reasonable and fair cost arrangement.

As a mediation service provider, we always try to uphold these values and abide by our work ethic to achieve our stated mission. To better gain the trust of our colleagues and clients, we strive to uphold high standards of professionalism and righteousness.

At Lerner Conflict Resolution Center, we fully commit to our clients to deliver mediation services at par with or exceeding the highest industry standards.

Client-Centric Solutions and Results

Our primary objective as mediators is to facilitate a collaborative environment where resolutions that are agreeable to all the disputing parties can be found. We have created a service model which is beneficial to everyone in equal measure. We derive value from a speedy resolution process, effective dispute resolution techniques, low-cost procedures, and satisfactory outcomes.

Through our client-focused system, we aspire to achieve the results that both parties want and would readily accept. It’s done by combining our work culture, streamlined structure, and customer focus, targeting client satisfaction in every possible way.

Sense of Ownership

We encourage our mediators to have complete ownership of their clients’ concerns. We treat our clients’ problems as our own and facilitate most effective dispute resolution with a full sense of responsibility.

Our team takes terrific care in providing a value-driven approach. We share proper information and discuss the mediation plan and processes with our clients. We believe communication is vital to the dispute resolution process and eventually achieve satisfactory results.

Our Culture

Our superior legal know-how coupled with the incorporation of new-age ideas and creativity is the cornerstone of our work culture. We firmly believe that our client’s best interests should be foremost, so we are open to flexibility and course correction in the event of changing clients’ needs. This work culture has propelled our mediators to the forefront in their respective work domains.

We believe that our working method embodies our culture. We strive to provide the best mediation process to our clients through a streamlined and efficient service system. We try to achieve our goals of mediation by facilitating a collective effort in order to arrive at an acceptable dispute resolution for all involved parties.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At Lerner Conflict Resolution Center, we are of the view that our mediation organization should mirror our society. We always seem to promote people to deserving positions regardless of ethnicity, religion, or gender. We actively diversify our team by working with individuals from different cultural backgrounds. We also ensure that our mediators receive work assignments as per their expertise and competence so the clients can achieve best outcomes.

We are Agile and Responsive

At Lerner Conflict Resolution Center, we believe that our clients who seek our mediation service are looking for swift and mutually acceptable results. In relation to this, we try to be as agile and responsive as possible. Our teamwork allows us to be quick and flexible with our clients. Our mediators are client-focused, ensuring that each client receives the individual attention they require. We invest a lot of time and effort to ensure that we meet our client’s deadlines and exceed their expectations at the same time.

We have a Proven Track Record

Our clients appreciate the outstanding work we have been doing in the mediation space, and they love to share their satisfaction with others. Our client testimonials are a demonstration of their trust in our services and commitment. Our clients consider us honest, competent, and accessible. The client’s complete satisfaction is our sole mission in every mediation case, and their appreciation is our greatest reward.


Our Mediators are Here to Help You

Our skilled team of mediators understands that disputes are stressful and taxing for both the conflicting parties. We have deep domain expertise and years of experience in the mediation space. We will make every effort to facilitate a speedy and satisfactory resolution to your dispute.