Civil Small Claims

Small claims courts in California have set a limit up to $10,000 (or $5,000 for corporations) which an individual or business can collect in a civil case. Considering the increasing rate of these cases, courts encourage a mediated resolution of civil small claims disputes as far as possible. For both the claimant and the defendant, mediation in a civil small claims case will save significant time and money for everyone involved. Moreover, small claims mediation gives both parties the ability to achieve a mutually agreeable outcome, rather than having to accept a court imposed verdict. Whether you have a civil small claims dispute with a customer, business associate, co-worker, neighbor, friend or family member, we encourage you to choose mediation through Lerner Conflict Resolution Center.

Mediation is the Right Recourse for Civil Small Claims

At Lerner Conflict Resolution Center, our goal is to help Californians resolve these disputes swiftly in a collaborative setting and enable the parties to continue having ongoing relations as far as possible. In addition to the obvious advantages, such as low costs, low stress, low hostility and quick resolution of the dispute, mediation also offers any inherent benefit where civil small claims are concerned.

Our skilled mediators know from experience that quite often the underlying issue at the heart of the dispute may not be money but something else. For instance, two business partners may be embroiled in a dispute over the ownership of an exclusive painting that hangs on the office wall. It is possible that the real issue that caused the dispute may not be the painting.

Perhaps one business partner is angry about the perceived slight he believes he got from the other partner at a public conference which they both attended and a sincere apology from the other partner is all it takes for the painting dispute to end. Our seasoned civil small claims mediators are adept at drawing out such underlying issues to help the parties to the dispute arrive at a mutually agreed settlement.

We have the Skills and Experience to Help Resolve Small Claims Disputes

At Lerner Conflict Resolution Center, we have a track record of handling civil small claim disputes successfully to the best possible satisfaction of all the parties involved.

Our Mediation Expertise Makes a Key Difference

In civil small claims, the parties to the dispute may be determined to have their day in court. In many cases, they have not met with the opposing party ever since they entered into a conflict, leading to mounting tensions between them. Our skilled and experienced mediators at Lerner Conflict Resolution Center will try to navigate through the parties’ tensions, tempers and apprehensions even before they address the core issue of the dispute.

Using their skills to encourage open communication, our mediators will gently guide the parties to share their side of the story, and help them find common ground without rushing them to a decision. They will ensure that the interests of both parties have been thoroughly discussed and their emotions about the issue have been validated. The mediator may come up with creative and flexible suggestions that appeal to both parties, and bring the dispute to a swift and amicable end.