Civil/Small Claims

Lerner Conflict Resolution Center

Civil Claims Mediation Services in Tustin, CA

In Orange County, all limited civil claims (civil lawsuits for damages
under the amount of $10,000) are referred to mediation before the Court hears them. Unlimited civil claims (civil lawsuits for damages over $10,000) will typically require parties to meet and confer, and participate in pre-trial settlement conferences in an attempt to resolve the case before trial.

In the experience of our team, parties can effectively reach resolutions without the Court’s intervention, and can do so in a much more expedient fashion than traditional litigation. Parties work with or without the assistance of legal counsel to draft mediation briefs that are submitted to our team prior to the mediation session.

When parties arrive, the mediator will be prepared to facilitate a negotiation between the parties that can eventually lead to a resolution in the form of a written agreement. That agreement can be legally-binding, and an effective tool in helping parties resolve their conflict without need for the Court’s intervention.