Child Custody Mediation

Dissolutions of marriage are usually the most emotionally – challenging for the parties when minor children are involved. Getting embroiled in a bitter child custody battle in court can only increase the pain and stress for you and your child, not to mention the excessive costs of litigation. We firmly believe child custody, visitation and parenting time do not have to become contentious issues between divorcing couples At Lerner Conflict Resolution Center our goal is to help parties separate the tough emotions from the important issues, and create an environment that facilitates communication and fosters new and alternative solutions that may not have been considered at the onset. Our experienced mediators are committed to helping you work toward achieving specific, measurable, and attainable out – of – court solutions for the sake of your family and for the best interests of the minor children . When the cooperation of both co – parents is involved in matters of child custody, your child’s interests are best protected and it becomes a win – win for all. This is why we take our time to provide both parties with all the resources needed to help create a bright future for you and your children

What is Child Custody Mediation in California?

The term physical custody refers to the determination of where the minor children’s residence be, and which parent will have the primary responsibility of making decisions related to the minor children’s day – to – day responsibilities. When both parents have significant periods of time with the minor children, courts may deem both parties as sharing physical custody, which is referred to as joint physical custody. When one parent lacks significant time with the minor children such that a court does not deem the time as adequate under the definition of ‘significant periods of time’, the court may define the primary caregiver as having sole legal custody, while the other parent has visitation. Having sole legal custody does not mean that parent has exclusive physical custody over the minor children, rather, that the other parent is still entitled to visitation, but needs to establish a more significant timeshare before they can petition for joint legal custody

Your Trusted Child Custody Mediation Services in California

Child custody is one of the most important elements in your divorce proceedings. You deserve the best attention and commitment of our child custody mediators at Lerner Conflict Resolution Center to achieve a satisfactory resolution.

Policy & Procedure

The courts in California keep the child’s best interests as the core guiding principle while deciding matters of custody. Court’s strive to provide parents with frequent and continuous contact with the minor child. California family courts encourage co – parents to mediate the issues of child custody and parenting time before coming to court.

Courthouses in Orange County have progressed one step further to mandating at least one mediation session prior to any contested hearing on custody. Mandatory mediations are conducted by Family Court Service’s Court Mediators and the sessions are governed by the California Family Code. Mandatory mediations are scheduled to be held before the contested hearing date.