Divorce Mediation

Divorcing couples in California do not necessarily have to pursue the prolonged, adversarial, and expensive path of litigation to dissolve their marriage. At Lerner Conflict Resolution Center, we are helping divorcing couples work out their separation terms and resolve sensitive family law issues in a constructive and non-litigious environment. Our adept and seasoned mediation team will impartially facilitate the resolution of divorce and family law issues by helping both parties find common ground to arrive at a voluntary agreement. Through fostering transparent communication in a confidential setting, our mediators can help focus the interests of both spouses on problem solving for mutual benefit while keeping tempers and emotions out of the equation.

Why Choose Our Mediation Services for Your California Divorce?

The adversarial, overburdened judicial system in California often contributes to exceeding levels of frustration, delays, and costs for divorcing couples. The process of divorce mediation with assistance from our dedicated team at Lerner Conflict Resolution Center can give you greater control over the decisions related to your divorce. 

Even the court system in the state encourages the path of mediation to handle divorce and family law disputes for a quicker and relatively amicable resolution of the issues to the maximum satisfaction of both parties.

If you wish to avoid the prolonged emotional stress and high financial costs associated with a litigated divorce, choosing mediation services can be a prudent option. We will help you and your former spouse reach a divorce agreement through mutual understanding and fair compromise. One of the key risks of a court trial is that all the major decisions related to your divorce will be made by the court. You will have no control over the outcome. As a result, the litigation process typically can end up leaving both sides dissatisfied with the final outcome.

Mediation, on the other hand, may allow you to preserve confidentiality, minimize conflict, and create your own divorce agreement taking into account the unique needs of your family. Post-divorce compliance with the terms of the settlement is usually much better in a mediated divorce because the agreement has been reached voluntarily and not imposed by a judge following a court trial. If children are involved, divorce mediation is particularly useful for upholding the best interests of your child, while protecting your own rights and interests at the same time.

Our Divorce Mediators are Ready to Help You Find a Fair Resolution

If you are contemplating a divorce or have already filed for it in California, we encourage you to consider the path of divorce mediation to resolve conflict quickly and without the undue stress and expense of litigation.

Objectives of Divorce Mediation

Help you and your ex-spouse achieve a mutually acceptable, legally sound, and equitable divorce settlement

Avoid the extended time, stress and costs that are often associated with traditional divorce litigation

Preserve the rights and interests of both sides, mitigate hostility, and pave the way for positive post-divorce engagement, especially where joint custody of children is involved