Elder Abuse Mediation

When an elderly family member goes through a major life transition phase, sometimes their adult children may experience a serious, unending conflict. Families can get bitterly divided over issues, such as residence decisions for the senior member, healthy, and safety concerns for the elder, sharing of caregiver responsibilities, sale of the family home, and will, trust, and estate related issues. When families struggle with an unrelenting conflict, our team can facilitate constructive communication about vital decisions and help them move towards a mutually acceptable solution. Our mediators will set the tone for a focused and purposeful discussion where family members can explore common ground and find ways to agree over critical concerns of mutual interest.

How does Property Division Mediation Work?

Our highly skilled and compassionate mediators at Lerner Conflict Resolution Center have a twofold goal in every mediation case. First, we facilitate a neutral and collaborative environment to enable families to explore workable solutions to their elder dispute.

Secondly, we utilize proven communication strategies to allow for a constructive exchange of views among all parties, which successfully paves the way for making crucial decisions in the best interests of the senior and all other family members involved.

Our focus is on helping family members craft their own solutions tailored to their family’s unique circumstances. As a result, the satisfaction rates regarding the outcomes of our mediation are high, and the resolutions finalized in the process are practically workable.

Unlike the litigation process, which may remove control from the people who are directly affected by the dispute, our  mediation process is empowering for the family members who craft their own resolution. Court decisions are unlikely to satisfy virtually any party to the elder dispute, and as a result, the decisions reached in this manner are less likely to endure.

Our dedicated and trusted mediators work hard to help families repair and preserve sensitive relationships, and we do it in a manner that costs only a small fraction in terms of time, money, and emotional toll.

Consult with Our Mediators for a Successful End to the Dispute

From inheritance issues to caregiver burnout problems, our mediators will facilitate conditions where the siblings are able to reach a consensus and move on in a cooperative manner.

Choose Early Intervention for Best Outcomes

We encourage early intervention for best outcomes in elder disputes related to housing choices, healthcare proxies, wills and trusts, among other issues. The sooner a family in crisis approaches us for mediation, the better are the chances of a swift and amicable resolution for the sake of the elder and everyone else in the family.
Our mediators are conscious of the challenges and stresses that may occur among adult siblings with aging parents who are facing major life transitions.