Divorce Order Modifications

Although a divorce decree in California is considered final, it does not mean it is cast in stone. If there is a substantial material change in the circumstances of either party after the divorce, they may have the option to request a divorce order modification. Post-divorce mediation services from the Lerner Conflict Resolution Center can be helpful when you want to modify certain parts of your divorce agreement. Divorce order modification can be a relatively more complex area of the law. Our experienced mediators have a thorough understanding of all aspects of divorce order modification, including child custody modification, child support modification, and spousal support modification. We can help you reach an agreement with your ex-spouse in a non-combative way to modify the necessary parts of your original divorce order.

Our Expertise in Different Types of Divorce Order Modification

Our deep domain expertise in post-divorce mediation allows us to help resolve a variety of issues clients may face, which require divorce order modification. Whether you want to relocate with your child, change the parenting plan, or modify child support or alimony payments due to change in financial circumstances, we can facilitate a constructive and realistic negotiation with your ex-spouse to help achieve the post-divorce modification in a non-adversarial manner and to the best possible satisfaction of both sides.
Child Custody
In California, child custody order modification is possible based on the current best interests of your child. For instance, your ex who has the child’s primary custody may want to relocate because of a new job. So, you may seek child custody order modification to ensure your child’s current school year is not disrupted. Based on this, the parenting time agreement may be modified in this case to accommodate the co-parent’s request to spend the summer vacation with the child.
Child Support
If you are making child support payments, but have lost your job or suffered losses in business, your changed financial circumstances may affect your ability to make child support payments. On the other hand, improved financial circumstances of the paying parent may warrant an increase in child support payments. Our child support order modification experts at Lerner Conflict Resolution Center can help you and the other parent arrive at a modified child support plan based on the best interests of your child.
Spousal Support
Significant changes in your or your ex’s financial circumstances may warrant spousal support order modification to reflect the new situation. Our dedicated alimony mediation experts will act as a neutral third party to facilitate an open and fair discussion about your spousal support modification needs. We will help both parties to stay focused on the facts, and arrive at a mutually acceptable resolution rather than having to fight it out in the court.

Resolve High-Conflict Post-Divorce Issues with Our Mediators

Post-divorce mediation services at Lerner Conflict Resolution Center are designed to help divorced couples in California overcome difficult emotional barriers when they want to modify the divorce order.